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Reducing plastic at work.

February 14, 2020 2 min read

When we think about our workload at the office, our thoughts usually turn to

meetings, paperwork, and presentations that have to be done. But one thing we should give more thought to is how to reduce plastic in the workplace. 

The average person produces around 4.40 pounds of waste each day, the majority of which is produced in workplaces. Don’t worry though, there are ways to reduce your plastic waste!

1. Avoid single-use plastic products like plastic cups or utensils and opt for reusable alternatives instead. Or better yet bring your own!
2. Pack your own lunches. Pick out some reusable containers and pack yourself a lovely home-cooked meal for lunch instead. It’s healthier and helps your office become a greener place!
These silicone reusable food bags will keep all your yummies safe and sound. Added bonus: its dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe!
3. Urge your company to organize a corporate clean-up project of a river, park or beach. Ask your coworkers to participate. It’s a good deed the entire office can get in on.   
4. Spread the word whenever you can! Speak to your co-workers and talk them through why it’s important to maintain a greener workplace environment.
5. Motivate your co-workers by giving them reusable gifts like bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo straws. You can even organize a company-wide collection of reusable goodies for everyone to share. 
I highly suggest to check out our bamboo straws and toothbrushes.


When trying to create a greener working environment, even the tiniest of steps helps. The Earth needs all the help it can get. Are you ready to get green with us?


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