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5 Reasons Why should we care for the Sea Turtles

January 22, 2020 2 min read



Awwww. Just look at that little fella…so cute and tiny. Who would have guessed that he could grow to weigh as much as 300-500 kg and that his life span could reach 150 years?

Sea turtles may look like gentle, peaceful creatures who seem pretty chill and just keep swimming swimming swimming🐟.  But did you know that they play a big role when it comes to conserving the environment?


They are considered a “keystone species.” This means that sea turtles are important to both the environment around them and to other animals as well. If they are taken away from their habitat, the natural order is disrupted and plants and animals are affected in different ways.

Here are some ways sea turtles keep our environment in check:

  1. Grass cutters. Like regular grass lawns, seagrass needs to be cut. Sea turtles help maintain the health of the grass beds and coral reefs. If the seagrass beds are not healthy, marine life like shrimp and tuna, will not be able to reproduce, affecting the entire food chain, including the supply of food for humans. 
  2. Good eggs.When the sea turtles deposit their eggs in the sand, the eggshells and unhatched eggs, which are rich in nutrients, provide nourishment to both the beach and the dune vegetation around it.  If the dune vegetation is healthy, roots and plants can hold the soil better and prevent soil erosion. 
  3. Coral Pal. The Hawksbill sea turtle specializes in eating certain species of sea sponges, allowing the less common types of sponges to grow and encourage biodiversity. Hawkbills also prevent sponges from overgrowing and suffocating the slower-growing corals. 
  4. Easy Rider.Because sea turtles undergo long migrations, they are a friendly mode of transportation for barnacles and other small crustaceans and algae. They also act as an umbrella for fish that need shelter for larger predators. And when they are above sea level they become resting spots for seabirds to land on.
  5. Turtle Love. In many coastal communities, sea turtles are an important part of the culture. They are revered and are sometimes even considered ancestors. Sea turtle ecotourism is a much more profitable livelihood for several coastal towns than selling sea turtle parts like their shells, eggs, and meat. 

Sea turtles are integral to maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem. If these modest and humble animals are working hard to save the environment, there’s no reason why people can’t do their share in protecting the environment either. 

We can start by reducing our waste and adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some products which could help you do just that.

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